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5 Unique Records by LiverPool FC

5 Unique Records by LiverPool FC

Liverpool is one of the greatest clubs in world football for quite a while now. There is no uncertainty that among every single English club, they have the most number of fans around the world. As far as Records and Victory, the club has won all the major trophies at the best dimension and continue their prime form in this year EPL season also. There are many exceptional records made by Liverpool which are still unbroken. Here is the list of 5 unique records held by Liverpool.

1. Most appearance by a single player: Ian Callaghan

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Ian Callaghan who won 6 league titles, 2 FA cups, and 2 European cups in his career played in Liverpool. He made 857 appearances for Liverpool, which is unique in English Premier League  history. Callaghan still played 5 other clubs after his exit from Liverpool. But his record at playing in Anfield will never be beaten.

2.Most Goals by a single player: Ian Rush

Ian Rush, former Liverpool player, who scored the 346 goals in his appearance with Liverpool. He is one of the goal machines in EPL history, who made 660 appearances and played 15 seasons for Liverpool. He won 5 league titles, 3 FA cups and 2 European cups in his career. He is leading far away from all the strikers in Liverpool history.
3.Most consecutive appearance by a single player: Phil Neal’s

On the list of records, Phil Neals who holds most consecutive appearance without any break in a single match. It’s very difficult to see who play 417 outings in the red army continuously. It is unbelievable, Neal didn’t miss the single game from Oct 23, 1973, to Sept 24 ,1983. He almost played every match in that seven seasons. He won 4 league titles,3 European titles, and 3 league cups.
4.Least goal conceded in EPL 1978/79: Ray Clemence (16)

Among total least goal conceded in the history of the league, Liverpool holds that record during the season period of 1978/79. During this season,they conceded just 16 goals against the opponents in the whole league season. In that time Ray Clemence’s defense made a huge role in this defensive record. After that Liverpool didn’t do that such defensive records so far in English Premier League history.

5.Most number of players used in a single game: 14 players

The season of 1965/66 is a dream season for Liverpool camp when the team reach their first European final and win the league in the same season. Shankly the manager of Liverpool who used his 14 players in a single match, which was highly not preferred in this modern era Liverpool history.

These are the five records by Liverpool. If you are a Liverpool fan, do not forget to share it.


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